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Describing Architecture Exhibition, 13 North Great George's Street, Dublin
3rd - 7th October 2012

Scale & Medium

Describing Architecture is an annual exhibition which runs as part of Dublin's Open House Weekend. Located in a Georgian house on North Great George's Street, this year's theme was titled 'Scale & Medium'. The work of over fifty participants was selected from an open call and included a piece made by GKMP Architects based on our project at Silchester Park.

The model represents a domestic extension to a house in Glenageary. It was started on the same day that its 1:1 counterpart began on site. In the model, the combination of plywood as medium and 1:50 as scale were chosen in order to best represent the project's folded, faceted walls and the varying depth of threshold which they create. Detail is the premise of the scheme and, given its domestic scale, it was important that every surface, every corner and every joint was considered. The model was then approached from the same perspective.

For more on our project at Silchester Park please click here

Opening night   model photo 2


model photo 3


model photo 4