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RHA Annual Exhibition| Ely Place, Dublin
May - August 2012

Title: Dublin House Fishamble Street

Medium: Pencil on watercolour paper                                                     

Size: 70 x 140cm                                                                               

Authors: Grace Keeley Michael Pike GKMP Architects


GKMP Architects were invited to contribute a piece of work for this year's Annual Exhibition at the RHA Gallery, Ely Place, Dublin. The resulting drawing is based on GKMP's Dublin House; an idea for 21st Century Dublin.

The drawing for the exhibition explores the section of this project on Fishamble Street, from the street through to the courtyard behind.  It shows the split-level arrangement of the dwellings, with large one-and-a-half storey living rooms about which the other rooms are organised.  The drawing endeavours to convey the imagined life and atmosphere of the building by suggesting the quality of light and materials. The silhouettes of City Hall and Christchurch Cathedral locate the building in the city.

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process 1




Final drawing