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"When we purchased our 1930s house we knew that a lot of thought and imagination would be required to convert it into the home that we desired. Our primary requirement was ample space to accommodate our growing family. We got this, and a whole lot more. The 1930s facade gives little away. Our home is different...and we love "different"! Behind the front door is a spacious home with light pouring in from every angle and surprises around every corner. We decided to maintain certain features from the 1930s structure but the extension to the house is thoroughly modern. However, both styles are knitted together artfully and tastefully and flow naturally into an uncompromised back garden. To say we are happy with the result of this project is an understatement; we truly love our new home!"
A. Reddan and E. Reddan

“This house, completed in 1756, was purchased as a family home. When it came to market in 2014 it was in tired condition, with an unsuitable lay-out. GKMP attended with me prior to exchanging contracts and gave me an early sense of what was attainable. The finished product is an extremely comfortable user-friendly house that seamlessly blends period features with modern, functional living. Whilst respecting the original fabric of the house, the main living room, kitchen, master bathroom, study, basement and guest bedrooms were all completely redesigned. GKMP‟s vision was the keystone in realising the completed project with which I am delighted.”
R. Fanning

"For us, it was about building a house that functions for our young family. We got so much more. Our home is light filled and comfortably spacious but also compact and easy to maintain. There is ample hidden storage, perfectly proportioned rooms and no unused space. Our quality of daily life has improved dramatically in this house by virtue of excellent planning and expertise in design. We have a great sense of satisfaction in having maximised the benefits of our site and achieved such a positive outcome in a once in a lifetime opportunity to build our own home."
E. Anglim and J. Thompson

"A modern extension has been added to the back which contrasts significantly with the rest of the house, yet works sympathetically with it. The inclusion of a spacious and attractive courtyard between the rear of the old house and the extension ensures that the original part of the house has not been adversely affected. The extension has floor to ceiling glazing which allows light to fill the room, and which also affords the overall sensation of the outdoors being part of the room. We have found that the extension has significantly enhanced our daily living experience in the house."
J. Liston and J. O'Callaghan

"We asked the architects with converting and extending a 1950s semi-detached house into T a modern family home that reflects us. Having a choice of a rectangular box or an unusual structure that gives us character, light, space and a sense of calm, we chose the latter. The result went beyond our expectations. Our home angles light into our daily lives and provides unique spaces for our young family to explore, enjoy and grow into. The garden and house interact with each other and the whole space changes with the time of day and seasons of the year. It is truly a unique home!"
R. Nally and A. Westbrook

"We commissioned the architects to design a modern horse-drawn caravan base and attached private residence as we were relocating from a farm-yard type base to a new green-field site in a rural and beautiful part of County Wicklow. We requested that modern features and materials be used while recognising the traditional background of the tourism product – barrel-topped caravans and horses. The architects‟ design proposals had our immediate enthusiastic approval; now borne out by the reality of the finished base. We anticipate that it will be a joy to welcome and work with our foreign visitors in this inspiring environment."
N. Clissmann

"We had recently purchased the terraced house on Belmont Avenue when we invited the architects to suggest alterations. We wanted to integrate the lower ground floor and to refurbish the house. The architects proposed making two very small extensions and a new stair to connect the kitchen to the living room and den above. Overall, we are delighted with the finished project. We have a series of very usable new rooms with easy connections to the rest of the house. The quality of materials and the attention to light have provided us with a very successful addition to our home."
T. Wood and R. MacNicholas

"The Viking Triangle Phase 2 Improvement Works are part of a larger long-term project to make a focus for tourists in Waterford. The earlier phase involved the construction of the new Medieval Museum and the conversion of the Bishop’s Palace. This phase was aimed at improving the setting for these buildings by remaking the public realm, providing appropriate settings for events, and animating the streetscape. The project as completed has succeeded in meeting these aims. All kerbs have been removed to provide an accessible environment and the spaces have been paved in high quality materials, free of clutter and car-parking."
Rupert Maddock, City Architect, Waterford

"In 2009 we purchased a wedge-shaped site on a laneway in Ranelagh. We asked our architects to design us a family home with a set of challenging requirements, principally making full use of the daylight while not seeing the overlooking properties and designing a space that would grow and change with our young family. The architects have, in our view, achieved these aims and provided us with a beautiful home. Their attention to detail and to our needs has resulted in a very functional, energy efficient home that maximizes the use of the site and provides us with the spaces we need."
I. Ryan and R. Pike

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