N E W   H O R I Z O N 

Design Museum Exhibition | Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015

A2 Architects, GKMP Architects,Ryan W. Kennihan Architects

The installation and exhibition in the Chicago Design Museum (ChiDM) is a collaboration between three Dublin-based practices as part of Irish Year of Design 2015. A pavilion is made within the ChiDM space that contains a room to exhibit the work of the three practices and associated references from Ireland. This square room is enclosed by two solid walls and two translucent curtains at low level and by a mirrored ceiling and walls at high level. The room is structured by an artificial steel grid. The mirrors then extend this grid infinitely in the horizontal, a reference to the Chicago grid and the Illinois landscape, as well as to the work of Mies van der Rohe and Adolf Loos. At the centre of the room is a brass table containing a selection of models by the three practices, with a brass circular lamp hanging above. The pavilion in the space is constructed using standard steel studs and plasterboard that are exposed externally. The studs are tightly spaced to create a shimmering steel tectonic. 

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Photography by Alice Clancy

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