U R B A N   P R I M A R Y   S C H O O L

Harcourt Terrace, Dublin City Centre

Finalist | RIAI Competition 2015

The building is conceived as a single compact form; it takes pleasure in its compactness. We have deliberately sought to enclose the biggest volume in the smallest surface and to recognise the formal virtue in this intrinsic economy. In this way we aim to make the best use of the available land; to achieve an appropriate relationship to the surrounding urban fabric; and to intensify and animate the interior life of the school. The form is carved to bring light into the centre of the plan and to provide raised terraces and gardens for teaching. The roof is occupied by a ball court and play-space. Staggered voids are made in the centre of the plan that provide visual connections between the floors and allow daylight to penetrate. The main staircase of the school ascends through these voids.

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