C I V I C .
In a time when public space is often conceived of ethereally rather than materially, and the collective is often confused with the commercial, we aspire to make a real, open and sustainable public realm. 

A N T I C I P A T O R Y .
We seek to make spaces that possess a kind of enigmatic emptiness, spaces that are waiting for something to happen. In this way we aim to make architecture that is anticipatory; it assumes change and expects to respond to future needs. 

S P E C I F I C I T Y .
While the spaces we make have a positive uncertainty with regard to use, they are specific in terms of place and material, responding to the physical nature and cadence of the existing environment. 

L A N D S C A P E .
Each project is a constructed landscape; it makes background rather than building-as-object, a continuous condition in which old and new elements and materials combine to underscore diverse individual and collective inhabitation. It conjoins the scale of the individual experience and the life of the city; We deliberately aim to blur the distinctions between public and private space and between exterior and interior, seeing richness in the play between these conditions.  

P R A C T I C E .
We are primarily interested in the practice of architecture. We consider that architecture emerges from the constant engagement with the contingencies of client, brief, site and budget. We bring our own concerns and ideas to each project, but they only became manifest through their encounter with the circumstantial conditions. In this sense, the design process creates meaning out of intent through countless small everyday acts.

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