D U B L I N   H O U S E

Joint First Prize - Dublin City Council Competition 2012

Dublin House is an idea about living in the city, about giving people the opportunity to build their own home in the city centre. The big apartment schemes built in the city in recent years have not provided good environments for families. The buildings and open spaces are too large and too impersonal, while the dwellings are too small and do not allow for the essential private open space and storage that families need. 

Dublin House is about an alternative model for developing housing in the city, working on a small scale and allowing individuals the opportunity to make a home for themselves, their families and their friends.

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D U B L I N   H O U S E   2. 0

Project Development
4 residential units | Fishamble Street, Dublin City Centre 

Dublin House is an idea for 21st Century Dublin.

Many people would love to live in the city centre but can't find homes to fit.  Many people would love to design their own home on their own site.  Dublin House is about an opportunity to achieve family living in the city on your own terms. This idea makes sense as it allows people to live together in a vibrant community while still providing for plenty of private open space, light and amenity. 

We've tested the idea on this new site on Fishamble Street. This shows that the idea could work in a wide variety of interesting and exciting ways and is ideal for the creation of a multi-family house, suitable for an extended familyor a group of friends.

We see this as an alternative to buying an existing house and extending it.  Designing your home as a completely new construction means not having to compromise.  With the help of an architect the house can be tailored to suit your needs, with an abundance of storage, utility and laundry space and places to work or play games.

This idea is also economical and sustainable.  Building a new home to suit your needs is cheaper than trying to modify and extend an existing house.  Living in the city centre will reduce your reliance on your car, as you will be close to all your amenities.

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