P E A R S E   S Q U A R E

36 residential units | Pearse Square, Dublin City Centre

Special Mention - AAI Awards 2008 

The site is distinguished by the strong Georgian context of the square; the brown brick facades, the tall opes with white plastered reveals, the doorways and entrance steps, the parapet walls with the slate roofs hidden behind. The square enjoys a carefully landscaped amenity space with some very fine mature trees. 

The plan uses the existing 6 metre grain of Pearse Square to make an arrangement of interlocking apartments and semi-private courtyard spaces.  The proposal takes the scale and materiality of Pearse Square and makes a brick screen that completes the west façade for the first time. The opes in this brick screen take their dimensions from the Georgian buildings and use a salvaged brick to achieve the same tones and quality as the existing facades.

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