H O U S I N G   I N   D U N   L A O G H A I R E

30 residential apartments

These apartments are arranged in two blocks. The first at the front of the site and built over the entrance. The second block is designed as three-storey apartments arranged around shared courtyards. Their staggered arrangement allows the units to push to the boundaries without overlooking the neighbouring properties. It also allows for good daylight in all the apartments, and breaks up the mass of the block. It is arranged around three circulation cores, each giving access to 9 apartment units, with a mix of sizes. The main public outdoor area contains a carpark and spaces for bicycle parking and is organised by low concrete benches and planters, planted with shrubs and trees to create a ‘park-like’ setting within the development. The built volumes, broken into courts, provide semi-private shared gardens for the residents. 

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